It’s been a while since I last posted here and really since I last wrote at all. Life off the internet has been busy, full, stressful and good. Each academic year the end of the spring and start of summer feels like a whirlwind that catches you by surprise (even though you know it’s coming) […]

Not to be Desperate, but…

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.40.27 PM

I’m a terrible sales person. I generally do not agree to host “parties” (you know what I mean) and I’m not a huge fan of attending them. However, I’m currently hosting, until Friday the 27th, a virtual Thirty-One Gifts party. After moving to South Carolina I was first introduced to Thirty-One gifts. I noticed wristlet wallets […]

The Fringe Hours


  Friday I mentioned a book that I recently read called The Fringe Hours: Making Time for you. This book written by Jessica Turner comes out tomorrow, February 17th. I had the opportunity to read the Fringe Hours as a part of the launch team and was surprised by just how much this book influenced […]

Fringe Friday

Valentine's Day

I recently finished a great new book called Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. Fringe Hours helps women to learn how to manage their time so they are able to do the things they enjoy and care for themselves. It was in many ways truly life changing to me. I will be posting soon about the […]

Lessons from my best friend leaving

My friend, Tammy, recently launched the Mudroom which is a contributor blog that allows a space for writers and artists to share the meaning in the mess. I’m privileged to be posting over there today. I shared about the lessons I’ve been learning while walking with my best friend here in Anderson as she prepared […]

One Kept Resolution


At the beginning of 2014, I made some goals for my year. They were inspired by Lara Casey’s goal setting process and were not so much resolutions as areas I’d like to focus on throughout the year. Despite the best of intentions, 2014 brought it’s own set of challenges and before I really felt that […]

Fight Back With Joy

Fight back with joy

This post is part of Margaret Feinberg’s party mob for her brand-new book and Bible study, Fight Back With Joy. To join the celebration (and learn more), click here. To grab a copy of this book, click here. —– I recently had the opportunity to read a portion of Margaret Feinberg’s new book Fight Back With Joy as a […]


“In these bodies we will live, in these

I’m about a week into 2015 and as a writer that’s supposed to mean I’ve written some poignant post about the significance of 2014 and a second post looking forward to 2015. I am not one for resolutions, but I am one for reflection. However, every time I sit with the intention of reflecting on […]

Coming up for air


It occurred to me tonight that I have not posted here since July. July seems so long ago but also I still cannot grasp that it’s already the middle of October. My students are on fall break which means the semester is half over. So much has happened in the last two months that some […]

Mixers & Marriages

drop me in the water

A few Christmases ago, in leu of a “big” gift my parents gave me some cash. That chilly Christmas morning Mom said “I know you’ve been wanting a stand mixer and a new camera lens but I couldn’t decide which to get. So use it for one of those.” I took my parent’s gift, combined […]