Coming up for air


It occurred to me tonight that I have not posted here since July. July seems so long ago but also I still cannot grasp that it’s already the middle of October. My students are on fall break which means the semester is half over. So much has happened in the last two months that some things have had to fall by the wayside and much to my chagrin posting here has been one such thing. My lack of posting here is a symptom of a greater lack of time to reflect on life and process each day to day. It’s a sign that it’s time to come up for air. To reset, rest, find margin. Here’s a glimpse into the last two months.

  • I, along with the rest of my colleagues at work, welcomed our largest class of new students in University’s history.
  • I built, planned and executed a training schedule for five different groups of students during the same 5 day period right before that massive class moved in.
  • Made a lot of BLTs and Caprese salad’s with tomatoes from my garden.
  • My two week long trips to Kentucky, one for the expected passing of my grandmother and the second for her funeral
  • My Rav4 stumped the mechanics at the Toyota Dealership and was declared a safety hazard until they could fix it. This of course happened the same day my mom called and said I needed to come home.
  • Because my car issue was a warranty/recall problem with my car, I got to drive a sweet, 2015 Rav4 rental for free while I made my first trip to Kentucky. I might have teared up when I had to give it back.
  • I spent a lot of time ‘baby-sitting’ my nephew. Which he sometimes enjoyed and other times I made him cry. Crying usually involved chores or homework.
  • I canceled my cable account. A decision I didn’t regret at first.
  • UK beat South Carolina in football! This is when I regretted canceling cable. I also may have teared up a bit at the end of the game.
  • Learned that I had a ‘relapse’ of mono I had in high school.
  • Killed my first brown recluse spider in my house.
  • Did lots of crafts over labor day.
  • Learned how to make burlap wreaths, finally!
  • Re-watched all the seasons of the Office. Still cried at the end and when Michael and Andy both left.
  • Decided to finally take the GRE again and gave myself less than 14 days to study before taking it.
  • Took my nephew to his first collegiate volleyball game when Anderson was playing in an invitational at Bellarmine while I was in Kentucky. He loved it.
  • Started working as a contract wedding coordinator for Upstate I Do which has been really fun.

While things in life don’t seem to be about to slow down, I need to make some shifts in management to leave some time for reflection and rest in the midst of the craziness.

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